Welcome to the Anglo-Portuguese School of London (APSoL), a free 4-11 primary school proposing to open in South West London in September 2017.

We will be submitting an application to the Department for Education in March 2016 and if approved, we will open with two Reception classes of 30 children. We will add two further Reception classes each year until we reach our full capacity of 420 pupils in 2023.

Our school will provide a bilingual curriculum in English and in Portuguese to all pupils. Being fluent in two of the five most spoken languages in the world will prepare our pupils to live in multicultural and multilingual settings, and raise their awareness of diversity and the need for respect and cooperation.

In order for our submission to be successful we need to show, among many other things, that we have the support of parents and the community. If you are a parent of a child that will be entering Reception in September 2017 and you feel that your child would thrive in our school, please get in touch or register your interest in one of our first Reception places.

Thank you!

Anglo-Portuguese School of London Team