Funding Agreement signed! / Assinámos o Acordo de Financiamento!

We are absolutely delighted to share the news that our Funding Agreement has now been signed by the Department for the Secretary of State for Education. As you are aware, our Trust signed and returned its Funding Agreement to the Department for Education (DfE) last month but the ability for the DfE to sign and seal our Agreement with a ‘wet’ signature was delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The signing of our Funding Agreement is the official rubber stamp of confidence in our school and allows us to formalise contracts with the teaching staff and begin the procurement of goods and services ready for opening in September. The Trust is also putting plans in place to ensure that we open on time following COVID-19 measures/guidelines. Parents offered a place at both APSoL and another school via their local authority will now be required to choose only one of the schools offered.

We could not have got this far without the fantastic support from the DfE, the Education and Skills Funding Agency, the wider community and especially the parents who have applied for places at APSoL – THANK YOU!

Finally, as we have a limited number of 2020 Reception places still available, please do spread the word that there’s still time to apply for this September!


Temos a grande satisfação de anunciar que o nosso Acordo de Financiamento foi assinado pelo DfE (Departamento da Educação). Como sabem, a nossa Fundação já tinha assinado e devolvido o acordo ao DfE no mês passado mas, devido à pandemia causada pela COVID-19, não tinha havido ainda a oportunidade para assinar o documento ‘a tinta’.

A assinatura deste acordo é o reconhecimento oficial da confiança na escola e permite-nos formalizar os contratos dos professores e começar a aquisição dos bens e serviços antes da abertura em setembro. A Fundação está em processo de implementar planos para assegurar que a escola abra no prazo e cumpra com as orientações sobre COVID-19. Os pais que receberam uma oferta da APSoL e uma da autoridade local agora devem escolher só uma delas.

Sem o apoio fantástico do DfE, A Education and Skills Funding Agency e a comunidade mais ampla – sobretudo os pais que concorreram a vagas na APSoL, não poderíamos ter chegado a este ponto-  OBRIGADO!

Finalmente, como ainda temos um número limitado de vagas disponíveis para a Reception de 2020, por favor divulguem a notícia de que ainda se podem candidatar a uma vaga para setembro.

Our school building and refurbishment plans

As we progress towards welcoming our first cohort of Reception children in September, over the next few months our school site on Wandsworth High Street will be transforming into our primary school.

We are delighted to share further details about the refurbishment plans and the furniture and equipment we will acquire ready to promote high-quality teaching and learning from the first day of term.

View our school building and refurbishment plans

Celebrating World Portuguese Language Day

In celebration of World Portuguese Language Day on Tuesday 5th May, we asked families of Reception pupils who have been offered places at APSoL to share their creative work to mark this special occasion.

Video by Amaryllis – please click to watch
Video by Rodrigo – please click to watch
Video by Noah – please click to watch

Early Years Brochure 2020-21

As we prepare to welcome our first Reception children on Monday 7th September, we are delighted to share our Early Years Brochure where you can find detailed information including our Reception daily timetable, our bilingual curriculum, outdoor learning, enrichment and our teaching approach.

Click here to view our Early Years Brochure 2020-21

If you have friends who missed out on their first choice of school place, please let them know that it’s not too late to secure a place at APSoL for this September even if they have already been offered a Reception place at another school via their Local Authority.

Apply for a Reception place for 2020

First Reception places offered on 16th April

Those who have applied for a Reception place at APSoL for this September will receive an email on Thursday 16th April to notify them whether their application has been successful.

Our Trust has signed and returned its Funding Agreement to the Department for Education (DfE). Owing to the COVID-19 crisis, it has not yet been possible for the DfE to sign and seal our Agreement. As per the Academies Act (2010), our Funding Agreement requires a ‘wet’ signature from the DfE and an official governmental seal, which cannot be done electronically. This means that the Reception places we offer on Thursday are conditional on the final signature of the Funding Agreement. We have been assured by the DfE that there are no further impediments to the signing.

An offer made by APSoL for 2020 is in addition the usual Local Authority process. Those who choose to accept an offer of a place at APSoL and an offer at another local school through their local authority can accept both places until we receive our Funding Agreement. Once we have received our Funding Agreement, we will notify all families who have been offered a place at our school, who will then need to make a final decision.

Our Principal Designate Marta Correia and the Reception teachers look forward to speaking to and meeting with parents throughout the spring and summer leading up to our school opening on Monday 7th September. However, due to ongoing concerns around COVID-19, we will be monitoring the guidelines put forward by the Government and the Department for Education around meetings and events and will operate in line with this advice.

Marta Correia would also like to arrange phone calls/one-on-one conversations with all parents interested in learning more about the school, before and/or after accepting their child’s place. We will communicate further details in the decision letters emailed on 16th April.

Finally, as we have a limited number of Reception places still available for 2020, please do spread the word that there’s still time to apply for this September!

Uniform survey feedback

Thank you to all prospective parents who completed our online uniform survey, we are extremely grateful for your thoughts.

Following the feedback received, we will be procuring the uniform based on the sample shared showing the logo without the school name (boys’ uniform sample).

Have your say!

As we move closer towards finalising the APSoL uniform, we would like to hear prospective parents’ thoughts.

We would be extremely grateful if prospective parents could complete the survey via the link below. All feedback will be taken into account when finalising the uniform.

Complete the APSoL uniform survey

The uniform for our school will be high quality, smart and durable, and will offer good value for money.


Please spread the word! / Por favor, divulguem a notícia

We are keen to let those who have only recently heard about APSoL know that it’s not too late to apply for a 2020 Reception place at our school. We have produced some flyers and if you are happy to help us spread the word, you can help by:

  • Sharing the link to our digital flyer below with any relevant social media groups e.g. Facebook and WhatsApp groups etc.:
  • Leaving some of our flyers at your place of work, local community centres, restaurants, hairdressers, nurseries and pre-schools, church, children’s clubs/activity classes etc. when you’re out and about. If you would be happy to receive some printed flyers, please email us at and we will organise getting some flyers to you. If you’re aware of any upcoming community events and gatherings over the next few months e.g. fetes and fairs where families may be interested in finding out about APSoL, please get in touch.

Thank you to all of those who have already shared some of our flyers – we are really grateful for the support.


Como ainda há um número limitado de vagas disponíveis, gostaríamos de informar os que só recentemente ouviram falar da APSOL que não é tarde demais para se candidatarem para a “Reception” de 2020. Temos folhetos que pode partilhar, ajudando-nos a passar mensagem:

  • Partilhando o folheto digital que se encontra abaixo, com amigos ou com grupos relevantes nas redes sociais como grupos de Facebook ou grupos de Whatsapp:
  • Deixando alguns dos nossos folhetos no seu trabalho, em centros comunitários, restaurantes, cabeleireiros, jardins da infância, igrejas e  atividades/clubes dos vossos filhos. Caso pretendam  receber folhetos, por favor enviem um email para e enviar-lhos-emos. Se sabe de algum evento durante os próximos meses em que os participantes estejam interessados em saber da APSoL, por favor entre em contacto connosco.

Obrigado a todos que já divulgaram folhetos ou partilharam a página – agradecemos muito o vosso apoio!

We’re recruiting!

Following the appointment of our exceptional Principal Designate Marta Correia, a national recruitment drive for two experienced EYFS Class Teachers is under way.

This is an exciting and rare chance to join a diverse, bilingual school from the very beginning of its journey and play a pivotal role in its success and development, laying the path for future years. Our teaching staff at the Anglo-Portuguese School of London will provide outstanding educational opportunities for all our pupils in order to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

We are looking for outstanding practitioners who are creative and imaginative teachers with the ability to ensure that every student achieves their maximum potential in a safe, stimulating, inspiring and high achieving primary school.

Find out more and apply

Closing date: 10th February 12:00pm

There’s still time to apply for a 2020 Reception place!

As we are aware that many families have only recently heard about APSoL as an additional choice for children starting school this autumn and we have a limited number of Reception 2020 places still available*, we are continuing to accept applications.

An application to APSoL for 2020 is an ADDITIONAL APPLICATION to the usual Local Authority process. Therefore, applicants may be offered two places, one from APSoL and one through their Local Authority. Applicants can make their final choice of school after offers are made in April 2020. An application to  APSoL will not prejudice an application to any other primary school – they will be considered entirely separately. We will be making offers to parents on the same day as other local schools, on 16th April 2020.

At APSoL, we believe that bilingualism is for everyone and welcome children of all language abilities, whether they have never been exposed to Portuguese language before or they have spoken Portuguese at home since infancy.

There will be further opportunities to meet the APSoL team after offers have been made in April and before you need to make your final decision. In the meantime, to ask any questions or arrange a phone call with Principal Designate Marta Correia, please email or call 020 3417 0905.

APPLY TODAY and gain an extra choice of primary school!

*as at 16th January 2020