The admissions policy for the Anglo-Portuguese School of London satisfies the requirements of the School Admissions Code, the School Admissions Appeals Code and admissions law. Our admissions process will be inclusive, open, fair and transparent.

The Published Admissions Number (PAN) for the school is 60. In each subsequent year 60 pupils will be admitted to the Reception year, subject to the judgements of an independent appeals panel. As such, when full the school will have 420 pupils on roll.

In accordance with the law, children with Education Health and Care Plans will be admitted to the school where the Local Authority has specifically named APSoL as the most appropriate placement. In the event of there being greater demand than there are places available to the school, places will be offered using over subscription criteria in keeping with the School Admissions Code.

Parents of children starting school in September 2020 have the unique opportunity to receive two offers of Reception places to choose from next spring. This is because applications are made directly to APSoL, in addition to the usual Local Authority process for 2020 only. An application to APSoL WILL NOT affect your other applications for a Reception place. Therefore applicants may be offered two places, one from APSoL and one through their Local Authority. They can make their final choice of school after offers are made in April 2020.

Rather than having a catchment area, the school proposes to take pupils from six nodal admissions points located in the London Boroughs of Wandsworth, Lambeth, Kensington & Chelsea, Richmond and Merton. For more details, please view our Admissions Policy.

APPLY NOW for a 2020 Reception place

Applications will close on 15th January 2020.