We will deliver a broad and balanced curriculum in the context of pupils learning to communicate fluently in two languages, while also acquiring the skills necessary to cooperate, learn, and interact with each other and the world. The school will have high expectations of all pupils, and all pupils will achieve outstanding results across all areas of the curriculum as a result of a joint effort in building up a school culture, involving pupils, staff, parents/carers and the wider community.

At APSoL, we want every child to:

In accordance with our ethos, our school will embed a set of values to enable all members of the school’s community to:

  • Relate to the values of Lusophone and English cultures in developing worldwide citizenship
  • Provide a positive vision of integration
  • Take care of each other as unique human beings
  • Have a holistic approach, believing in the equality of human rights and respecting diversity, both in society and in nature
  • Have respect for the culture of the school, including a respect for the importance of encouraging reflection and critical thinking through dialogue
  • Encourage the development of curiosity, autonomy and resilience
  • Nurture collective memories and family narratives
  • Prefer accuracy to stereotyping
  • Support every pupil’s needs individually
  • Engage with the community in the endeavour of cooperative work.