School Day

At APSoL, the school day begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm.

We understand that our students come from working families and we will be offering wraparound care at school. From Monday to Friday throughout term time, Breakfast Club will begin at 7:30am until school begins. After-School Club will run from the end of school until 6:00pm.

The school day

7:30am                  Breakfast Club
8:45am                  Soft start – children go to classrooms, set up, daily reading takes place
9:00am                  School day begins
4:00pm                  School day finishes
4:00-6:00pm                  After-School Clubs finish

We see after-school activities as co-curricular activities. They will complement what pupils are learning throughout the school day and will broaden their in-class learning experience, help them to achieve a higher level of thinking, and engage in activities which will help them to develop personally and socially.


Total school hours per week: 35hours.