APSoL will offer a broad curriculum and will adhere fully to the requirements of the National Curriculum in all our subjects.

Our school will offer a bilingual programme in order to develop pupils’ two languages and literacy proficiency, to lead them in successful academic achievement and to nurture sociocultural integration. We want all our pupils to be able to function in a Portuguese as well as in an English language society, regardless of their heritage community. We believe bilingualism will result in better achievement in all areas of the curriculum. All our pupils will therefore:

  • Develop high levels of proficiency in both languages
  • Have strong literacy outcomes
  • Achieve outstanding outcomes, above the national average in core subjects, as a result of our curriculum delivery
  • Demonstrate broad skills development, including analytical thinking, communication, use of information and communications technology (ICT), and cooperative working
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply concepts and to develop broad competences and in-depth knowledge
  • Behave respectfully to education and knowledge, to their peers and their educators, as a result of the school culture
  • Show progress, independently of their starting point and according to their needs.

We will deliver a dual language curriculum, dividing the main subjects between English and Portuguese to immerse the pupils in both. By doing so, we will enable all pupils to develop outstanding proficiency in both languages, so achieving better results in both languages, guaranteeing that both have secure foundations. Moreover, pupils will benefit in all other subjects through mastery of the languages of instruction.

Our curriculum will offer an in-depth approach to certain core subjects, ie English, Portuguese, Maths and Science. The breadth and balance of the curriculum will be sustained in other subjects: History and Geography of both countries; Arts, as another means of expression; Physical Education (PE); Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE); Information Computing Technology (ICT); and Religious Studies (RS).

Enrichment and co-curricular activities will provide opportunities for all pupils to foster their abilities and interests. These activities will provide challenges for the most talented in different areas, and will enrich all pupils through enhanced access to information, materials and resources.

APSoL Reception Curriculum 2022-23

APSoL-Curriculum-Overview Y1 – Y6