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We have been working relentlessly alongside the Department for Education (DfE) and their property advisors, LocatEd, to secure a site for the Anglo-Portuguese School of London. In common with a number of free school projects across London where land and buildings are at a premium, this has taken longer than we had hoped when the school was approved to the ‘pre-opening’ phase in autumn 2016.

We are delighted that we are now in a position to announce that two potential sites, both of which are suitable for establishing a first-rate learning environment for our primary school, have now been identified in the Lambeth, SW8 and the Wandsworth, SW18 areas. We are now working towards securing one of these but, as negotiations around securing a site are commercially sensitive, the Education and Skills Funding Agency stipulates that the details of potential sites must be kept confidential until a site has been confirmed. We will share details of the proposed location as soon as we are able.

A provisional opening date for our first Reception classes will be confirmed by the DfE once the site has been secured and once the time needed for obtaining planning permission and completing necessary building works or refurbishment has been assessed. We are disappointed that the children of many of those of you who originally supported our plans will now be too old to attend our school but it is your tremendous support which has got us to this stage and we thank you sincerely for this as our vision moves another step towards fruition.

Do you or your friends have a child aged two or under? We need your support!

As the school will be opening later than originally planned, we are required by the DfE to evidence the ongoing demand for admissions. As such, we are asking parents and carers with children aged two and under (due to start primary school in 2021 or 2022) to pledge their interest in a Reception place at APSoL via the short online form.

Register your interest here

Please ask your friends with children aged two or under to register their support.

We are continuing to make good progress on other non-site related elements of our plans to ensure that we are ready to move quickly once a site has been secured and hope that you continue to be as excited as we are about working towards opening APSoL.

We will keep you informed of our progress through our website and on the APSoL Facebook and Twitter pages.

APSoL Team

Announcement from Anglo-Portuguese School of London / Anúncio da Escola Anglo-Portuguesa de Londres

We recently attended our first meeting with the Department for Education which we feel went very well. Our key task now is to secure a site for the school and we are working with the Education Funding Agency to do this. Land and buildings are at a premium in the areas of London where we are seeking to establish. This being the case, we will not look to open admissions for our first Reception classes until we have secured a site for the school. This is likely to have an impact on our opening date and parents can be assured that we will not look to admit pupils until we are fully confident of opening in the following September.

We would like to thank all the parents and members of the community who have supported us up to this point, especially those of children set to start school in September 2017 who will now not be able to apply for a place at the school. We are continuing to work very hard with the Department for Education and Education Funding Agency to secure a site for our school as soon as possible and will update on our progress through this website and through our Facebook and Twitter feeds. In the meantime, we are continuing to make progress on other non-site related elements of our plans to ensure that we are ready to move quickly once a site has been found.

Thank you all for your continued support.

APSoL Team

Tivemos recentemente a nossa primeira reunião com o Departamento da Educação (DfE) e consideramos que correu muito bem. A nossa principal tarefa agora é assegurar um local para a escola e estamos a trabalhar com a Education Funding Agency para esse fim. Tanto terreno como edifícios na área de Londres em que pretendemos abrir a escola são difíceis de encontrar e a elevados preços.  Sendo assim, só abriremos inscrições para as nossas primeiras turmas de “Reception” – alunos com 4 anos – até termos assegurado o local da escola. Tal decisão terá com certeza um impacto na nossa data de abertura, mas podemos garantir aos pais que não inscreveremos alunos sem estarmos completamente confiantes da abertura no mês de Setembro seguinte.

Queremos agradecer a todos os pais e membros da comunidade que têm apoiado o projeto, especialmente aos pais com crianças que entrarão para a escola em 2017 e que não se poderão candidatar a um lugar na escola para esse ano. Vamos continuar a trabalhar arduamente com o Departamento da Educação e com a Education Funding Agency para assegurar um local assim que possível, mantendo-vos informados do nosso progresso nesta página de internet e também através do Facebook e Twitter. Entretanto, continuamos a avançar com outros elementos do nosso projeto, não relacionados com o local, garantindo que estamos prontos para abrir rapidamente a escola assim que um lugar adequado seja encontrado.

Obrigada a todos pelo vosso apoio constante.

Please continue to support our plans

We are continuing to collect registrations of interest as we need to show the Department for Education that we have continued and growing support for the school from prospective parents and members of the local community.

If you have a child starting primary school in 2017 or later but have not yet registered your support for the Anglo-Portuguese School of London, please complete the short online form.

Keep your eye on our website for further updates or join us on Facebook for all the latest news.

Kind regards

Anglo-Portuguese School of London Team

Application now in!

Our application to the Department for Education (DfE) to open the Anglo-Portuguese School of London (APSoL) in South West London has now been submitted!

The application contained a detailed business case for the proposed primary school, including detailed answers to questions about parental demand, the type of school we will provide, the school’s ethos and the capability of our team. We are now waiting to hear whether we have been shortlisted for an interview by the DfE, which is the next stage of the process and an opportunity to discuss our proposal in depth.

We’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has shown their support and registered their interest in APSoL – we’ll let you know as soon as we have any news!

Anglo-Portuguese School of London Team

Register your support by 29th February!

Demonstrating the level of support for the school is a key element of our application to the Department for Education and the higher the level of demand, the more chance the school has of being approved. Please register your support by Monday 29th February to help make our vision for the Anglo-Portuguese School of London (APSoL) a reality.

If you have a child due to start primary school in September 2017 or later and have not yet registered your support for this new primary school, please complete the short registration form.

Please spread the word – together we can make this happen!

Anglo-Portuguese School of London Team