APSoL House System


APSOL House System

We officially introduced a House System at APSOL in July 2022. We held a whole school pupil voice competition, where children had the opportunity to create a House System for APSOL, propose House names that are linked to our school. The winner was Alice in Year 1 (2022).


When do children join a House?

From the start of school, all children are assigned to one of our four school houses: Navigators, Explorers, Discoverers and Expeditioners. Siblings are always in the same House.

Competitive events, both academic and sporting, are held throughout the school year. Competition is healthy and succeeds in bringing the very best out of children. Sporting competition can contribute to children achieving positive academic outcomes whilst also helping to build character.

Other House competitions that we are introducing this year: House poetry recital, House Memory competition (quiz), House reading competition and a House Foreign language competition!


How the House points system works:

Points are assigned for various events but also throughout linked to our positive praise system.

The house with the most points at the end of the year is presented with the House Cup in the final assembly of the academic year.

Children learn how to be humble winners and gracious losers, learning from each other and celebrate each other’s achievements.