Clubs and Activities

At APSoL, the children have access to a wide range of learning experiences including before and after school activities that enrich their learning.

We provide our own wrap-around care, staffed by APSOL staff members.

Parents can book desired sessions directly using an online booking system (Pay 360) once your child is admitted.


Breakfast & After School Club: at APSOL 

Breakfast club runs every day from 7:30am until school starts.

After School Clubs run from school finish until 6:00pm and a snack is served.

The children can take part in a range of activities throughout the week as well as getting support with reading and handwriting.


For club booking information please contact the school office via 


Other clubs: 

At APSoL we also offer other clubs from 4-5pm, these are offered by external providers and parents have to book directly: Capoeira, Lemonjelly Performing Arts, STEM Engineering and Yoga.