At APSoL, we follow Teach Computing scheme from the National Centre for Computing Education. Teach Computing follows 12 principles which underpin the computing pedagogy at APSoL.

Intent (What do we want the children to learn and why? What knowledge and skills are taught?)

Our Teach Computing Curriculum which is used from Year 1 to Year 6 provides an innovative progression framework where computing content (concepts, knowledge, skills, and objectives) has been organised into interconnected networks that we call learning graphs. Teach computing also supports staff professional development by having clearly planned sequences of lessons with progression mapped across the year groups.

We want all children to develop/acquire:
• digital literacy, skills and competencies
• topics to equip young people with computing subject knowledge
• topics to equip young people with skills in programming

Implementation (How are we doing it? How are the pupils going to achieve the acquisition of knowledge? How does the curriculum delivery this?)

Curriculum coverage

We will deliver Computing lessons once a  week following Teach Computing syllabus (scheme of work) or cross-curricularly through other subjects. The programme provides schools with a progression map of computing units, objectives and activities. This supports teachers with their subject knowledge, confidence with the subject and lesson delivery.

Impact (How do we evaluate what knowledge and skills pupils have gained against expectation?)

Teach computing, provides comprehensive coverage of computing curriculum and expectations. KS1 and KS2 units are based on a spiral curriculum meaning that themes are revisited regularly in order for children to consolidate and build on prior learning for that theme.

SEND-Computing lessons are adapted so that all pupils, including SEN pupils can access learning. Eg through adult support, text formatting and size, equipment adaptations (sound, auditory and visual).

In Reception, teachers encourage digital literacy by providing children with opportunities closely linked to all areas of learning, cross curricular topics and using a range of resources such as: ipads, beebots etc Teachers use development matters to incorporate digital literacy into topic teaching.

What is Teach Computing?


Computing Curriculum Overviews

APSoL KS1 Computing Overview

APSoL KS2 Computing Overview