Friends of APSoL

FoAPSOL Core Group Members 

Rachna & Sachin Patel – Chairs  (Y1 Parents)

Andreia Santos – Co/Chair (Y3 Parent)

Andrei Burnescu – Treasurer (Reception Parent)

Ana Lagarto – Secretary (Reception Parent)

Nirvana Araújo – Social Media (Reception Parent)

Daiane Veraldo – Events Co-ordinator (Y3 Parent)

Sara Guerreiro – Events Co-ordinator (Y3 & Rec Parent)


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Friends of APSoL

The Friends of APSoL is a volunteer organisation which exists to support the quality of the educational experience for all the pupils at APSoL, particularly by:

  • Promoting community cohesion – developing partnerships and meaningful relationships between members of the school community including, families, staff and members of the wider community.
  • Creating and promoting activities which will provide equipment and resources, maximising the learning experience for all children.

Our ethos follows the same principles as the school´s,  providing bilingual, multicultural events, cooperative work and integration, linking the school with its community, in order to give all children the best possible learning experience.

We will do this by:

  • Having high expectations for all members of Friends of APSoL
  • Having an inclusive mindset ensuring that all members of the community feel valued
  • Work closely with the school, measuring gains and allocating these to pre-agreed developments so that the interests of all children are at heart
  • Working with integrity and professionalism, managing Friends of APSoL finances effectively.

Volunteers make everything possible and every small contribution is valued! Contact us if you would like to get involved or join our FoAPSoL mailing list! Anyone can be a Friend of APSoL even if not directly related to a child at the school. If you would like to get involved with the school and support by organising workshops, supporting with events organisation or making donations, get in touch!


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Friends of APSoL school and local community projects 2020-21

So far this year the Friends have supported the school with the creation of a music wall, water wall and a mark making wall. The Friends have also helped to organise fundraising events for local food banks.