At APSoL, we follow Kent Primary Science Scheme.  This scheme contains 28 units of study. Each of these units of study has been assigned to a particular Year group in line with the guidance from the National Curriculum. Suggestions have been made as to possible best times of year to study some of the units, as well as when different aspects of learning within a unit will need to be taught at different times across a year.

Intent (What do we want the children to learn and why? What knowledge and skills are taught?)

Our science curriculum will provide  a range of activities that will enable the children to develop both their scientific understanding and their mastery of the nature, processes and method of science.

Kenst science scheme – introduction

We want all children to:

  • Work Scientifically through a constructivist approach to learning
  • Using and applying scientific vocabulary
  • Record their findings in a variety of ways
  • Be inquisitive about science

Implementation (How are we doing it? How are the pupils going to achieve the acquisition of knowledge? How does the curriculum delivery this?)

Curriculum coverage

Long term plan

We will deliver science lessons once a  week following  Kent Primary Science Scheme or cross-curricularly through other subjects. The programme provides schools with a progression map of computing units, objectives and activities. This supports teachers with their subject knowledge, confidence with the subject and lesson delivery.

What’s included in each unit?

  • Clear learning expectations
  • Engaging activities to enable the learning to happen
  • Advice for each activity as to the type of recording the children could do
  • Resources required
  • Preparation required
  • Key vocabulary
  • Background science knowledge for teachers
  • Information on key scientists who have worked in the different areas of science
  • Assessment grids for each of the units
  • Methods to hook children into their learning
  • Website links
  • Very clear and plentiful examples of how children will be able to address ‘working scientifically’ through practical learning.

Impact (How do we evaluate what knowledge and skills pupils have gained against expectation?)

For each of the units an assessment record sheet has been created. Each of these sheets will allow teachers to record children’s achievements during their studies for both the knowledge aspects within a particular unit, and some of the requirements from Working Scientifically. These record sheets, and the intended learning objectives included in the units of study will enable the teachers to identify what the children need to know or be able to do next, as well as support them at different times in the year to make summative judgements as to the children’s attainment.In accordance with the guidance in the new National Curriculum, this scheme has clearly indicated a progression in the key scientific knowledge and concepts, from Year 1 to Year 6. Each of the 28 units of study clearly indicates the aspects of knowledge to be developed. Where appropriate, the unit will indicate the ‘learning journey’; i.e. where the knowledge and concepts of that particular unit fit within the learning for that particular aspect of science as the child progresses through the primary phase.

Click to access APSoL-Science-Long-Term-Plan.pdf