Consultation – Curriculum

Curriculum and Delivery of Learning

APSoL will offer a broad curriculum and will adhere fully to the requirements of the National Curriculum in all our subjects. We will teach linguistics, mathematics, science, geography, humanities, physical education and arts subjects. By providing a balanced education in all these areas, our pupils will acquire key skills across all curriculum areas, including problem-solving, creative and higher thinking, initiative-building and self-reliance. We will teach children to have the courage to be different. We will also help children to be mindful of the world we live in and the need to care for it.

Our curriculum will be designed to provide for the spiritual, cultural and physical growth of our pupils. It will be based on the principle that pupils must acquire relevant in-depth knowledge in the core subjects: English, Portuguese, mathematics and science. The depth of the curriculum will also be developed further through foundational subjects in the arts (art, music, dance, and drama). We will provide support to children in the EYFS in the four specific areas of literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

Portuguese Immersion

Portuguese language, history and geography will be combined with the relevant National Curriculum content to produce class modules on Portuguese history and geography. These classes will be taught in Portuguese beginning in the Reception year. They will enable pupils to see common threads across Portuguese and English history and culture while developing outstanding proficiency in both languages.This combined curriculum will enable our pupils to engage in an intensive and focused study of Portuguese through the integration of the subjects using the vehicle of language. In addition to acquiring strong literacy and numeracy skills, students will also gain fluency and skills development in two languages as well as a broader cultural, historical, and geographical understanding of the world.


We intend to provide enrichment through after-school clubs and co-curricular activities in order to offer our pupils the opportunity to broaden their experiences and knowledge outside of the classroom. This will enable students to pursue and develop skills outside of the context of the classroom that will expand their sociocultural horizon. Through this, APSoL will help to develop a knowledge base that will be instrumental to pupils’ time in the classroom and build success from success.


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