Consultation – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a free school?

Free schools are independent, state-funded schools with the same legal status as academies.


Will the school be able to make a profit?

No. The school will be run on a not-for-profit basis by the Talent Education Trust. The school will be run by the Principal Designate and their leadership team and they will be answerable to a Board of Governors.


What does it mean to enter into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education?

When an academy enters into a Funding Agreement, they effectively enter into a contract between themselves and the Secretary of State for Education. This contract, or Funding Agreement, is how academies are held accountable to the Department for Education.


Will the school make the local traffic congestion in Wandsworth worse?

We will continue to assess the impact on the local traffic and will try to reduce the impact by creating some drop-off facilities within the school grounds and by creating a travel plan to help reduce the impact, including considering staggered school start and finish times and encouraging the use of public transport and car-sharing. Whilst we recognise the school will generate additional traffic, we will be listening to your concerns and suggestions and do everything we can to mitigate against this.


Will the school be selective?

No. All free schools follow the Admissions Code in the same way as all state-funded schools and our inclusive admissions policy will at all times be open, transparent and fair. Children of all abilities, from all backgrounds, of all faiths and none, are welcome to apply. We will be working closely with colleagues at the Department for Education and at Wandsworth Local Authority throughout the admissions process to ensure this.


Why are you proposing to open with only Reception classes?

We believe it is best to grow the school ‘organically’ to ensure that we can provide the very best education from day one.


Will funding the school mean there will be less money for the other provision in the area?

No. Funding for APSoL is equivalent to the funding available to other academies and maintained schools in the area, and it will not reduce the overall funding available for schools in Wandsworth. The total funding APSoL receives annually will depend on the number of pupils attending.


Will APSoL be inspected by Ofsted?

Yes. The school will be subject to inspection in the same way as other identical category schools. All new schools are also inspected by Ofsted prior to school opening.


Have you chosen a Principal Designate for APSoL?

Not yet. There will be an open and fair competition to recruit an exceptional candidate to lead the school. Prospective pupils and their parents/carers will have the opportunity to meet the Principal Designate at pre-opening events once they have taken up their post.


How will the school be accountable?

The school will be run by a Board of Governors who will be accountable to the Members of Talent Education Trust. In addition, the school will be accountable to the Secretary of State for Education through the terms of its Funding Agreement. The school will, of course, be accountable day to day to parents/carers and the wider community.


How can I apply for a place?

Reception 2020 admissions are not yet open but parent/carers can register their interest* at


How can I give my views?

You can fill out the questionnaire online here. You can also send any questions or comments to or leave us a message on 020 3417 0905. We will note your comments or call you to discuss.


The consultation period ends at 12 noon on Friday 29th November 2019. We would appreciate hearing from you by this date.

* Please note that registering your interest has no bearing on the admissions process.


If you would like any of the information in a different language or format, please contact us on 020 3417 0905 or email and we will assist you.