We have been working relentlessly alongside the Department for Education (DfE) and their property advisors, LocatEd, to secure a site for the Anglo-Portuguese School of London.

Two potential sites, both of which are suitable for establishing a first-rate learning environment for our primary school, have now been identified in the Lambeth, SW8 and the Wandsworth, SW18 areas. We are now working towards securing one of these but, as negotiations around securing a site are commercially sensitive, the Education and Skills Funding Agency stipulates that the details of potential sites must be kept confidential until a site has been confirmed. We will share details of the proposed location as soon as we are able.

A provisional opening date for our first Reception classes will be confirmed by the Department for Education once the site has been secured and once the time needed for obtaining planning permission and completing necessary building works or refurbishment has been assessed.

Once a site has been secured, we will be granted capital monies from the Educational Funding Agency to develop a fit for purpose educational environment.