Year 1 Gallery

Spring Term 1 – Toys 

This term, children in Year 1 have been learning about different toys, old and new, their materials, properties and how these have changed over time. To enrich their learning, the children visited Pollock’s Toy Museum and created their own Toy museum and Toy shop at APSOL.

In Portuguese, the children have been learning about traditional Portuguese games, playground games and properties of different toys in Portuguese.



Autumn Term 2 – London

This term Year 1 have been learning all about London. We have read ´A Walk in London´ and learnt about famous landmarks in London.

We explored physical and human features of London in our geography lessons and had a field trip to the London Eye to see how many of these features we could spot!

In Portuguese we read ´De Londres ao Porto numa gaivota´ (From London to Porto on a seagull) and compared a city in Portugal with London.














These are our fabulous home learning projects! Well done to all the children for their extraordinary work!