There’s still time to apply for a 2020 Reception place!

As we are aware that many families have only recently heard about APSoL as an additional choice for children starting school this autumn and we have a limited number of Reception 2020 places still available*, we are continuing to accept applications.

An application to APSoL for 2020 is an ADDITIONAL APPLICATION to the usual Local Authority process. Therefore, applicants may be offered two places, one from APSoL and one through their Local Authority. Applicants can make their final choice of school after offers are made in April 2020. An application to  APSoL will not prejudice an application to any other primary school – they will be considered entirely separately. We will be making offers to parents on the same day as other local schools, on 16th April 2020.

At APSoL, we believe that bilingualism is for everyone and welcome children of all language abilities, whether they have never been exposed to Portuguese language before or they have spoken Portuguese at home since infancy.

There will be further opportunities to meet the APSoL team after offers have been made in April and before you need to make your final decision. In the meantime, to ask any questions or arrange a phone call with Principal Designate Marta Correia, please email or call 020 3417 0905.

APPLY TODAY and gain an extra choice of primary school!

*as at 16th January 2020